Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I know what I heard and when I heard it.

I was every bit stable (emotionally) at the point of time when YOU said those words.

Whatever I wrote in this blog about YOU are my thoughts and feelings. I was tired of having to care and suppress them because I might end up striking a nerve for being so blunt and straightforward about what happened between us.

I always had to think about the state that YOU were in, how my words will affect YOU. It was always about YOU. It was always about how much YOU need time and space. It was always about how YOU need to get over her and YOUr life on track. It was always about YOU, YOU, YOU.

Well, this is MY blog. The words YOU are reading are MINE.The feelings and thoughts are MINE. I have never asked YOU to visit this site and read them. That was YOUr choice. I have never had the intention to thrash YOU because I was taught well.

This is my therapy. I need to recover from being hurt to forgiving YOU with no hatred. That's not easy. YOU, of all people, should know that.

Yes, I will be careful about what I say. But I believe that if one cannot accept the truth, then don't confront it. Well, that's just my two-cents worth.

Thanks for YOUr offer but I do not need a punching bag. Maybe some other girls might take YOU up on it but not me. Thanks anyways.

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