Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today is the day I chose.

Des' ree - You Gotta Be

Today I am sick of feeling down when I think of YOU,

Today I have had enough of feeling sorry for myself,

Today I shall not bother the people surrounding me with my woes,

Today I will smile without the tears behind my eyes,

Today I will not fool myself into thinking that I am fine,

Today I view the world with positivity and not otherwise,

Today my life is a blessing and not a curse,

Today I learn that nothing is certain in this world,

Today I woke up with hope in my mind,

Today I am learning to let go of what I believe in,

Today my trust in FATE is stronger than ever,

Today I am learning to get up and wipe the dust off my shoulders,

Today I will pick myself up after I fell for YOU,

Today I shall learn to trust again,

Today I shall learn to love again,

Today I shall appreciate the smell of the flowers and the fresh air eventhough you're not with me,

Today I learnt a lesson about me,

Today I learn to trust myself again,

Today I chose to move on,

Today I was sorry,

Today I shall really feel the rain on my skin,

Today I am letting LIFE in,

Today I gotta be...Me,
The real ME. The ME who is strong and will get through the ups and downs of life. The ME who will always care for YOU but still learn to love again. The ME who will accept the truth with grace, and understanding no matter how hard it is. The ME who was mislead but now am found. The ME who was hurt but now stronger.

Today I am letting YOU go,
For we need to let go of the ones we love and if they are meant for us, he/she will come back. If not, ALLAH s.w.t will replace them with someone better. YOU told me that.

I am letting go of YOU,

YOU were my drug, my marijuana, my ganja, my fatal addiction, my Mr. Tour Guide, my Mr. Potential. I shall not chain myself to the memories of us or what we could be.

I have never doubted my feelings for YOU. What I said was true then, is still true and will always be true. Maybe love is too huge a word but my feelings for YOU were more than just words. I am sorry that we never had a chance. I forgive YOU and I understand YOUr predicament. Thank you for everything.

I am learning from this experience and will strive not to repeat my mistakes in the near future. I hope YOU will do the same and never, ever hurt another girl as how I was hurt because I don't think that they are as strong as I am.

I care for you so much and I will never stop caring. I hope ALLAH s.w.t. will allow our paths to cross again and maybe, just maybe...maybe we can then realise what it would be like being together. Insya ALLAH

But I realise, for now, we are much better off as friends. The future is unpredictable and vast. We are not certain of what FATE has in store for us.

But whatever it is, only 1 thing is for sure; you will always be my friend - today, tomorrow and for the rest of time. Insya ALLAH.

Your friend forever,


Faizah said...

lizzie...what's this about? lovelorn ker???

ehh siak ahh, aku pokai rabakz siakkkkk..apa kata kita jumpa nxt week?? aku dah gaji, at least tk rabak sangat kan kan kan

heheh dun scold2 me ahhhh

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to faizah - oh well...the cycle of life, fai.

anws, nxt wk is fantastic!juz name the time and date.

buat sey aku nak scold2 kau..aku syg sgt kat kau..hehehehe

faizah said...

wahhhhaaaa...ok best2...but nxt week aku keje tau...mcm siak ah tu botak. so meeting after work, can???

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to Faizah - no problemo! kau kena keje for wat siak?