Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Long overdue "champagne session"

What an amazing surprise! I just received a telephone call from the past. It was my ex-lecturer from my polytechnic. It has been ages since I lasted contacted her. She was always my favourite. One of the few things that made a huge impact on me during Temasek Polytechnic was her.

I remembered the first time we had a private session after the first week of school. It was mandatory for the core lecturers to build that sort of rapport with the students. I knew it was going to be a blast as I waited for my turn to have a go at the "champagne session" with her. After just one week of her being in our class, I know for certain that I was going to enjoy her classes and true enough; I did - up till the very last lesson.

I walked into the classroom (to meet her) with that slight bounce of joy. The "champagne session" started off with her asking me how I liked the school, my goals and all that unnecessary details. Then she got to the topic of family. That was when I just broke down and cry. In a split second, I was a total wreck.

When I entered Temasek Polytechnic(TP), my father was admitted to the hospital. We nearly lost him due to a sudden heart problem. After years of smoking, the valves connecting his other body parts to the heart, was completely congested with whatever rubbish that is being manufactured into cigarettes. That was when my lecturer knew the truth. I guess I scared her a little. I was always so up and about in class - never a sign of remorse or anything of that kind. I even surprised myself, frankly.

All throughout my 3 years in TP, we both maintained a close-knit bond. She never failed to make my laugh whenever we bumped into each other in the hallway. In my third year (The most stressful one, I must add), I got her in one of my classes once again. I had a great beginning as well as a fabulous ending to my tertiary education.

She inspired me to mass-send my resume to all the numerous pre-schools that I was hoping to work for. And look, where it got me now. Alhamdullillah.

She called me up today to invite me to talk for a career seminar in our school. How can I resist it? I love to talk - especially if it's about me. Hehehe..


Anonymous said...

nice to noe u had such a nice lecturer.. i'm in tp too, wonder who's that lecturer?... ;p

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to Anonymous - are u currently IN Tp or WAS frpm TP? it makes a whole lotta diff, dear. d;D