Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Goodbyes are the hardest

ALLAH s.w.t has granted me the opportunity to meet numerous individuals ever since I embarked into the working world. Some are very similar to me while others are just the opposite of me. Karuna was both, I guess.

Each Pre-K classroom consists of 3 teachers - 1 lead teacher plus 2 assistant teachers. Karuna was the other assistant teacher who had the golden chance to work with me (hehehe..). I enjoyed every single moment inside and outside of the classroom.

She made me feel young again (not like I need to feel so). She reminded me of my happy teenagehood. I looked forward to going to class every single day because I know I have fabulous children to interact with and great partners to work with.

She was generous with everything. Despite the short period of time of knowing each other, I know for certain that she will always be ready with that warm, special hug when I needed one. She helped me a great deal about our school. She let me in on some really important details (like who the hot teachers are, who the "James Bond rejects" are. You know, "important" details. Heh.)

We were not just partners in school, we were also friends outside of school. I can still remember how she was extremely caring and sincerely concerned about me when I was at my lowest. I can never forget that, Karuna.

She allowed me to view the world from a very different perspective. We lead such contrasting lifestyles. Each of us has an opinion about the others' choice of living it up. Nonetheless, we respect the other's choice. I am also very proud to see how she maintains and adores her roots despite the huge Western influence surrounding her. I salute that, Karuna.

Karuna, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. What a pity that we were allowed to work together for just 6 months. I had great fun working with you. You were a great "introduction" to our school. I wish you all the very best in Melbourne. Study hard (I know you won't. Heh) and party hard (Hell yeah, I know you will). Remember me always like how I will always keep the memories of our lovely WOMBATS and all the dumb antics we were up to while in class. I miss our classroom, the couch, WOMBATS and you. Goodbye, sweetie. I know you are going to do the complete opposite of what I'm going to say next but I'll say it anyways - please behave when you're in Australia. Take care and see you in December.

This post will not be complete with a picture of the oh-so-lovely Mish Kaluna being very, very "productive" and busy (as a bee) at work. Heh.

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