Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One of those days

I go through the school gate each day since beginning of this year thinking that I was invisible.

Each time I greeted the security guards, they seem to be oblivious to my presence. They seldom smiled at me, it seems. Well, not that I actually cared but it seems to be so with almost the rest of the world (I just woke up from sleep. My positive mind is still struggling to start its engine). It seemed that the whole world does not know of my existence or even if they do know, they don't care (Self-discriminiation makes me happy right noww, okay. So leave me be).

I used my backpack instead of my girlish handbag. As usual, I was rushing off to work (What's new). Just as I was reaching Khatib MRT station, I realised that I forgot my workpass. Being the lazy bones that I am, I continued walking to work because I know that I can just get a pass from the security house.

So I reached work and one of the 2 guards greeted me with this huge smile (That makes my day) and then another actually recognised that I was a teacher and not a student (because the other one was not sure what my designation was.) That makes my day!

Okay,okay, no big deal. (Whatever.)

I just needed an entry for today.

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