Friday, April 28, 2006

My first encounter with Rude Brats

Scene: Playground
Weather: Hot and humid
Who: Miss Liza and a bunch of K2s

Miss Liza: Alright boys, there should be no punching, fighting or kicking of your friends, please. (upon noticing that some of the boys have started to do violent acts on one another)

(a slight pause)

Boy A: (came up to Miss Liza) We don't care.

Miss Liza: Excuse me. What did you say?

Boy B: We don't care.

What a thing to say to me on a hot and humid day AND when I have been struggling to keep my eyes wide open the whole damn day. Blardy kids!

I do not mind dumb children but rude kids (no matter what their skin colour is) farking piss me off. Fortunately, it's a Friday and I am going shopping afterwards. Blardy brats!


Anonymous said...

yati says
relax lah, tak mo tention, da dapat duit progress, so shopping lah banyak2..hehehe

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Miss Liza to Yati - tak payah nak tension, aku debik ajer budak2 cam gini...hehehehehe.....violent nyer aku ni!