Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Nothing is easy

When I told everyone in my previous company that I have always wanted to be a teacher, all of them said I made the right choice to leave the company for that career. They said so not because they thought I had the passion for it but because apparently, teaching is easier. I was very tempted to just give them a smack on the head - hard, very hard. Personally, I feel that no ONE job is easier than the other. Each of them has its own perks and bores. Just because teaching does not require one to be on-call 24/7 nor is it part of the semiconductor industry (or whatever), it does not make it any easier. It is actually quite challenging, frankly.

Do you know annoying it is when you have to deal with whiny little brats? Do you how (sometimes) degrading it is to be cleaning up the poo of another person's child? Do you know how much it can be quite painful to see a child cry non-stop when Mum or Dad leaves the classroom? Best of all, we have not even get to the topic of the parents. Do you how sick one can get when you kept hearing how one parent thinks that their child is born Einstein? Do you how tempted one may get (to give a tight slap across) to a parent when they hinted how horrid the teaching methods used are to their child's intelligence?

I am absolutely sure there are so many things about your job that you just simply abhor.

However, what makes your job a joy is when you are passionate about it. It is a joy when you wake up in the morning and be ecstatic to go about doing what you live for. It is a joy when you are happy to be earning the income you need to pay the monthly bills. It is a joy when you miss the children during the holidays. It is a joy and you can't help but do every single chore with a huge smile on your face - no matter how silly you look.

Miss Liza looks silly - everyday.

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