Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The little things in life ARE free

Love is a wonder. It can make or break someone.

It was love (or the desire to be loved) that made me dread living my life the past few days. It was also love that made me realise how blessed and grateful I should be about my life.

My loveli, Ivan, was fine today except for some hiccups every now and then. But comparing his behaviour on other days, he was so much better today.

He would always give me a goodbye hug before going home (as you can read on how affected I was when he pushed me away from one of the previous posts). However, today he was too caught up with doing some other things that he forgot. Anyways, there were also other days that he forgot the hug. But what made today special was he actually waited for me. He made his mother wait at the meeting point for me. For Miss Liza! He made his mother wait just so that he can give me a goodbye hug. How sweet is that! He waited for me. He literally ran up to me when he saw and gave me the hugest hug ever. And I responded with an ever bigger hug (Thank you, ALLAH). After that, I just could not help but go to a corner and shed a tear. Yes, I am emotional but wouldn't you be? Just when you thought no one can ever love and appreciate you, then came this soul who shows such raw and pure love to you - no questions asked, someone who is willing to take the risk and love all of you and more importantly, is not to afraid to show it. Bless his heart.

Eventhough my need to be loved by another is not being reciprocated (yet), I saw love in another form - in my students. I shall never regret the decision I made the day I chose to leave the company that paid so darn well but made me so unhappy. (Mak, Abah, I am happy). There are so many things I want in life that I don't yet have but I am happy. My lovelies make me complete.

Ivan sweetheart, if ever you get to read this post, Miss Liza just wants you to know that her life is complete for the tremendous hug you gave her today. She appreciates life because of the the gifts that God put in her life - one of them being you. Thank you, sweetheart. Thank so much, Ivan.

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