Monday, March 6, 2006

Tragic end

At a time when my heart was aching and I thought I was undergoing the worst situation that can ever happen to a human being, the tragic end to the life of an adorable two year old, Nurasyurah Bte Mohd. Fauzi, came up in the local newspapers.

I (secretly) hoped it was one of those missing persons cases where it turns out that the child was actually lost because she walked too far off from home. But I was wrong.

She was killed. Tortured beyond recognition. A child of only two years of age. She was dragged to the smelly bottom part of a flyover. With the intention to conceal his wrongdoings, the killer pilled rocks and any sort of rubbish that can be found nearby to hide the body away. The body of a two year old which he had killed for reason only ALLAH s.w.t knows.

To make matters worse, all that was carried out by her stepfather. A man whom everyone thought was as kind as an angel with his quiet nature. All I can do is just imagine how the deceased's father must be feeling right this moment. A child whom he was not able to see for two months due to a very busy schedule. A child who was initally thought to be lost but later found dead. Dead with the eyeballs out of the socket. According to the local newspapers, Mohd Fauzi (the biological father) was studying for his O levels and had to take a few days off school to search for his missing daughter. The hurt he feels right now must be beyond words. I remembered what my brother had to go through when he was separated by his beloved daughter for just two weeks. Masya ALLAH. I pray that Mohd. Fauzi will be strong and turn to ALLAH s.w.t for guidance. ALLAH tidak akan memberi satu cabaran yang tidak dapat hambaNya pikul.

My whole family was very affected by this incident. In fact, I believe that the whole of Singapore is outraged by this inhumane act. How can any sane human being be crazy enough to kill a fellow being? Being hot-tempered myself, never have I come to a point of wanting to kill someone. At the very worst, I would just sprout out vulgarities. But to kill someone? Masya ALLAH.

This piece of news affected my family so much because of Athirah Bte Alias, my chubby adorable niece of just eight months whom I last saw when she was just an infant of a few weeks old. Due to some circumstances, we were not allowed to meet her. At one point of time, my parents were not allowed to even hold their first grandchild. However, by the grace of God, in a few months time, everything will change. The whole family will be able to see her for the very first time. She will then be able to know her father's side of family, who adores her to death. Insya ALLAH.

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