Monday, March 6, 2006

Oh, the thrill of a motorcycle ride

The absence of the four walls that confines you when you are in a car,
Sound of the howling wind that is almost deafening,
The zooming of the other vehicles that are so close to you,
The fact that your legs can brush against the tyres of another vehicle,
Not being able to hold on to anything else other than the waist of the rider,
Cold winds piercing through your skin,
Oh, the fears from a motorcycle ride!

Scorching heat that results in uneven skin tone during day rides,
Cold winds piercing through your skin that makes you feel so alive,
The close contact between the "outside world" and you,
Helmet that feels so heavy on your head,
Jerking backwards might result in you falling off while jerking forwards may cause you to knock your helmet onto the rider (hehehehe),
How retarded you look holding onto the waist or shoulders of the rider,
The amazing fact as to how flat your hair can get when you take off the helmet,
Howling winds that substitues as music to your ears - sound of Mother Nature,
Possibility to touch the tarred ground during a corner bend,
How I can love it so much now but at the same time, fear it so,
How I dread it before but now am glad I gave it a try,
Oh, the excitement from a motorcycle ride!

Oh, the thrill of a motorcycle ride!
Oh, the thrill of a motorcycle ride!


zuhri said...

naik kapchai ke?

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to zuhri - ntahlah apa jenis ntah moto dia...kita main tompang ajer...hehehehe....