Friday, January 13, 2006

History repeats itself - not for long

When your job becomes more than just a medium for you to pay your monthly bills, you will unconsciously tend to take events that happened during the course of work seriously. Sometimes, too seriously for your own good.

I really want my lovelies (ie: my little children in school) to like me. Yes, yes. It reminds me of high school - doing things only to have people like me. In the end, those people don't even know I exist. Those whom were I was myself with ended up loving me for who I really am.

Gosh, I never really learn, do I? Shesh, Liz! Don't you ever get it???


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zuhri said...

it's easy to make people or children in this case, to like you. just do stuff that they like. but that's not your purpose to be there. your job is to educate them, and along the way, maybe they'll like you. achieve the primary objective first, and they'll love you when they grow up.