Friday, December 9, 2005

Tag Tag Bo Bag - I've Been Tagged! Bummer.

Okay, there's always a first time for everything. I am not sure who started this thing (What were you thinking?!?!?!). Tell you the truth, I seriously did not know how this whole tagging thing works. I'm serious. No kidding. (Okay, I'm stoink so shoot me. :p ) Okay, by looking at Fai's tagging confessions (she was responsible for having made me do this! ARRRRRGH! know I got love for you right, babe?) I am supposed to enlighten whoever is reading this humble blog of mine 5 weird/random things about moi. Okay here goes...

A - Almost every single person I meet will think that I am Indian (there was this one time, this lady thought I was Eurasian. Muakakakak) or whatever but Malay. They always mistake me for having Indian blood running through my veins eventhough there is none. My dad is Javanese and my mother is Malay. No, Indian blood at all. They say I got Indian features. Huh? I don't see that. I look in the mirror everyday, a million times daily but I still cannot see the Indian-ness in me. I'm confused.

B - I love the sun, sand and sea. The warmth as well as that sticky feeling you get at the beach makes me feel healthy. I love the salty smell of the beach. But never, ever, ever force me to go swimming. Be it in the swimming pool or sea. I will prefer to just build sandcastles or something other than being in the water. Don't you ever get the feeling like some kind of force might just pull you down, down into the abyss? Or worse still, sharks or even crocodiles might be lurking underwater waiting for a prey and your pair of legs just so happen to be dangling in sight?

C - I am truly a 16-year old stuck in the body of an adult.

D - I love repetitions (I told you I'm still growing up). If I like a certain thing, like say, a song, I can repeat it for a million times. Seriously. No kidding.

E - I cannot stand taugehs (which basically means beansprouts). Whenever I have meals outside, I will inform the waitresses beforehand to exclude taugehs from my noodles or rice. However, if I forget to do so (I am human, after all), I will not mind spending the first few minutes putting aside all the taugehs at someplace far, far away from my plate.

Okay, that's done. Now I just have to tag 5 other people. Okay, here goes...(drum roll, please)

i) AizaSchmaiza - It's about time you update that blog of yours, girlie.
ii) (Abang)Zuhri - Tell me your deepest darkest secrets, bang. hehehehehe
iii) KakakKu - Jangan berlengah lagi, Cikgu.
iv) HaizamBillieJoe - C'mon spill, bro.
v) HelmiDeathStar - Talk to me, baby.

Okay doks, people. Have fun tagging others. Spread the love!

P/S: Oh yeah, did I tell you, now that you already know 5 of my best kept secrets you as well as your next 7 generations are doomed to die a tragic death? They will die in shock (ala The Ring) with their hands on the keyboard, typing Lizzie is the most beautiful chick ever.

PP/S: Did I also tell you that the curse thingey above is just a joke?

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zuhri said...

aaagghhhhh....i've been tagged. ok sis, just watch out for my blog sehari dua ni kay coz' i really need to do some serious thinking... find out my 5 weird habits...hmmm