Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not again

I failed my final theory....yet again! That was my opening line for every MSN conversation I had with my friends today.

I was in a way expecting to flop yet again (eventhough miracles do happen. maybe just not to me...yet). However, I am still bummed when I saw FAILED in big and bold letters after painstakingly answered the 50 stupid questions.

ARGH! I am tired of failing this dumb test. The 4th of January 2006 will see me all smiles when I walk down the stairs of SSDC because then I will be able to proceed on to the next level to getting my darn license! Woo Hoo!


zuhri said...

bad monday, eh?

Anonymous said...

dont give up, oh liza dont give up..heheheheh
(kawanmu, yati)