Friday, November 25, 2005

Sex in the City

I was in the train with my cousin a few days back. We were on our way downtown to get some sourvenirs for his friends back home.

Anyways, while we were chit-chatting, along came this teenage girl who boarded the train with a female friend of hers. They started talking real loud in their mother tongue. From the bits and pieces of the foreign (to me at least!) language, I derived that she was only 15 years old. (She does look young.)

When they got to the topic of SEX TOYS, somehow for reasons only known to them, they became louder than before. She was amazingly adamant to the fact that she was only 15 and sex toys shouldn't even be a topic that she should be so proud to discuss in public. Seriously, from her body language and tone of voice, it was like she was trying to show off to the other commuters that she dares and is somewhat experienced enough to be talking about SEX TOYS. Shesh! It was just disgusting.

Call me conservative. At 15, SEX TOYS never even managed to make its way into my mind. Yes, I do develop crush and all that but never things like sex toys or even sex. I was so afraid to even think of it. So much so that I (almost) convinced myself that I can get pregnant just by thinking about sex. I was that afraid of the 'S' word. I do not even want to mention it.

Now, these children are talking and discussing about SEX TOYS like it was...nothing. Like it was the most normal thing to talk about. In fact, it is normal. Frankly, I feel for the generation of today. The pressure of peer acceptance is even more so now. It's all about sex nowadays. Sleeping around is really the norm now.

I believe media is one of the factors that contributes to this "sex spree" that is oh so apparent now. In almost every magazine that I come across, there has to be at least one article about sex. Out of the world sex moves, sex toys, tips on spicing up your sex life etc. Sex, sex, sex. That is the literary portion. Movies - well, pretty obvious, right?


Mahdrina said...

as creed puts it, " sells and the whole world is buying..."

dah macam tak tau malu, eh?

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

lizzie to mahdrina - kak maddy, bukan macam dah memang tak tau malu dah....