Sunday, July 17, 2005

SMS fight

I was really mad at Abang the past few days for something that happened on Friday. I was late for my school tuition at Peixin Primary School and Dad was not yet back from JB. Fortunately, Abang had finished work and was fetching Mak to his house. She called him up to mention that he needs to send me for my tuition which, he willingly obliged and replied that he would reach at 7pm. My brother being the planner that he is, reached only around 7.05pm. The problem is my pay would be cut off if I was late for the class.

When I mentioned that to him, he scolded me back for not mentioning that to him over the phone and all. Do I really have to mention things like this? Does that mean that it is okay for him to be late if my pay was not at stake? I was pissed. I bombarded him with how he ALWAYS made us wait for 1-1.5 hours every year during Hari Raya (which was true). The whole family would be ready and set to go but we had to wait for the next 1 hour for him to arrive. Then we I mentioned that to him, guess what he said, " Nobody asked us guys to wait.." ARGH!

Then, yesterday morning, he came over to our house. That was when I got a little rude to him. I was just so angry about what he said. Mak was getting ready to go JB with Dad at that time. He grumbled at the mention of the trip to JB. He said that he needs to go NTUC later part of the day. I suggested to just gendong the baby. That was when he said, "Eh bodoh, baby kan masih dalam hari. Maner boleh bawa kluar." That was IT!

When he was going home, I just blurted out, "Brambus suak." I felt pretty bad afterwards so I SMSed him and apologised. That was when we started this SMS fight which is going on at the moment.

I seriously hope that when I get married and have kids, I will be able to take care of my children as how my parents took care of me. They went through extremely rough times taking care of us. They had to sell some of their belongings to get food for us. Infants aren't the easiest to take care of. We gave them a whole lot of problems. But they were able to surpass those times ON THEIR OWN. My grandparents did not help them at all. When the infants cry at night, they rocked us to sleep till dawn. When we needed a bath, they freshened us up despite our small size, which can be quite intimidating for some. I want to be like that. Insya ALLAH. Not to say that I do not need help at all. All I am saying is that I need help but I will still try to make it on my own.

Sighs. I am not sure when and how this SMS fight will end.

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