Saturday, June 4, 2005


Abang came just now to collect the dish Mak cooked yesterday. We talked for a bit before he went off.

He was telling me about the situation at the previous company. Same old stories. I don't know, I feel very emotional whenever anyone talk about that company. Don't get me wrong. I have never regret quitting from there. I don't know. I guess it's the fact that the company was the very first one that I worked for. Eventhough I was there for only one year and a few months, there were a lot of things that I went through there that contributed tremendously to my growth.

I absolutely know the feeling of being trapped in a situation. It's like you cannot breathe, it was suffocating your personal growth. You have no confidence in life and everything was just worthless. Unsupportive people in your surroundings just makes matters worse. But alhamdullillah, I got out of it. I may not be exactly where I would like to be now but I strongly believe that I made the right decision to go into teaching because this is my calling.

Should there be anyone out there who is feeling trapped in a situation (be it a relationship, a job etc), keep on believing in yourself. Age is just a number. Never ever let it hinder you from trying out new things. Things that were once beyond your imaginations. You can do it!

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