Saturday, April 30, 2005

First-Aid never was THIS interesting

I went for my First-Aid Training today. WOO HOO! I was so glad I went. The instructor was blooody gorgeous.Hahahahahaha...I shall not say out his name. Shesh! He could be married with 10 kids or something. Hahahahahahahahahaha. But he was bloody cuuuuute! Hehehehehehe...It was hard to pay attention during the whole training but I survived. Now I am a qualified First-Aider!! WOO HOO!! Hahahahahaha.. Back to the instructor.

Woah! You should have seen his body. Dayum!It was fit, I tell you. Bloody fit. He wore a polo-T and heck, you should have seen the size of those arms. WOO HOO!! Hahahahahaha...I am excited just thinking about him. He was bloody well-built. Bloody good-looking as well. But he was pretty lame. His jokes were lame but hey, his looks made up for it. Hehehehehehe...

I was on my crutches today. Darn, it's hard to get by with crutches. There was this makcik who actually suggested that he sent me to the nearest MRT. SHESH! Part of me wanted to just grab the opportunity but I decided not to. I mean, what if the girlfriend or (even worse) the WIFE saw me and him in the car alone?!?!?! ARGH!!! Nah ah. I do NOT want to get into such trouble. I know I'm exaggerating but what if I actually caused some fights between them or something!?!?! UH oh!! In the end, I just took the cab.

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