Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Extremely Short True Story

She and her friend,Fizah, planned to have lunch together. They were to meet each other at Raffles control station. She arrived around 15 minutes later to find that Fizah was not there. It was only logical to give the Fizah a call to find out where Fizah was. But each time after the first ring, the call went straight to the voice mail. She tried a few more times but still the same thing happened. She was puzzled. "What could have happened to Fizah?" she wondered. "I hope she is fine," she prayed for her friend. She called another friend of hers, Sally, but no answer as well. She was getting worried.

Nonetheless, she waited. Then, her phone rang. It was Sally. Sally called to ask her to meet Fizah at Banquet. She went there, furiuosly. "So she's already there," she thought to herself.

She arrived there to find Fizah was with Sally and Kak Sal. Fizah was happily talking to the other 2 ladies and had alredy finished her Western food.

Like the story above? It is based on a true story. Happened only yesterday.

I'm really amazed at how a friend can bail out on another friend just like that and expects everything to be as per normal.

Fizah, stupid people can be taught but thoughtless, annoying, lying bitch gets on my nerves.


Anonymous said...

Liz,what we had was a miscommunication....I tot i told u to wait 4 me at BANQUET itself...As far as i can remember,I didnt mention Raffles Control Station.....I tried to call U many times but i had NO NETWORK.....I keep looking out 4 u,wondering how come i didn't c u.....Tatz y i asked Sally to call u...if i was thoughtless,annoying lying bitch,i wouldn't call have asked Sally to call u!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please,b4 it affects our friendship,b4 u accuse me of smt,clarify things 1st...TALK,dun keep quiet..I really HATE when pple call me names esp $#!&$!%