Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Carrefour - Free Home Delivery

Grocery shopping has always been my favourite thing to do (Any reason to go shopping).

I used to find comfort in libraries but ever since I became a plus 1 (and now a plus 2), I find great pleasure and comfort in....supermarkets.

Yup, I am a weirdo.

Damn proud of it, thank you!

So when we would go for our HUGE shopping spree, I choose Carrefour.

Why HUGE, you ask?

Because we would stock up on all the household items like toilet rolls, kitchen towels, bags of rice, cooking oil, washing detergents etc.

These grocery shopping trips are our family bonding opportunities (Told you I'm a weirdo).

It's actually fun searching for the items on the shopping list (and usually a few other items. *wink* *wink*).

By the end of the trip, our shopping trolley would usually be full (sometimes "overflowing").

But for a car-less family like us, that would be a problem because the last thing we want to worry about is the hassle of carrying 5 over plastic bags home.

So I am totally raving about the *free delivery that Carrefour provides.

What's more, the service they provide is absolutely commendable.

Not only are they fast (it can be same-day delivery for non-peak season), they are also efficient.

Just look at how the items that we bought are neatly packed.



Love, love, love it!

Eventhough our HUGE shopping spree are done every 4 months, it is truly a great convenience for services such as the one that Carrefour provides.

So the next time you decide to organize a HUGE shopping spree (like ours), I would strongly recommend Carrefour.

If you happen to go to the store at Suntec City Mall, we might just bump into each other.

See you there!

*Free delivery is only applicable for purchases above SGD$150. But if you're anything like my family, reaching SGD$150 is not a problem.

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AudreyO said...

I use Costco for huge shopping like that. I can easily fill a cart. There are some items I need more often but for stuff like kleenex and toilet paper, yes I buy a 3 month supply at a time.