Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be careful what you ask for. It might just come true.

Yesterday, I got what I have kept "asking" for.

Itulah mulut masin.

I was "asking" for it not because it was good for me but it was something that made me wonder and I remembered MyBudakTapai's reaction each time I shared it with him.

"Sayang, why in the world would you want that to happen? It's all over between me and her. It was ages ago, siak."


But yesterday, I got it from him.

"Asyik tanya ajer. Kan Allah dah kasi jumpa. Hahahaha..."

Idiot! How dare he laugh at me!

But I was quite proud at the way we handled the situation.

We are all adults with a past.

However our past may look like, it still is a past.

No use brooding over it or trying to dig it up.

Learn from your past (mistakes) and move on - I certainly have and so has he.


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