Saturday, January 29, 2011

Focus on what you have - Not what you want.

When something that you were so hoping for does not go the way you want it to, it's dissappointing.

What happen yesterday made me frustrated, super sad and very, very dissappointed.

Not at the person who went through it but at the situation as a whole.

Why can't it go the way we had planned it to be?

Wouldn't that be easier for everyone?

They would get what they were looking for and we would get what we were hoping for.

So the best way I handled the situation was to ... cry and talk it out.

Cried my eyes out and said all that was on my mind.

But I knew someone else had to be my listening ear because he was as saddened by the whole issue as I was - probably even more.

Confiding in each other was just out of the question.

The last thing we wanted was a quarrel.

But the advice given to me made me think.

You do have everything, Liz.

Maybe what you were hoping for is not meant for you - for now at least.

Maybe ALLAH s.w.t has something better planned.

Insya ALLAH.

Cry it out and move on.

He has given his best and answered every single question as honestly as he could.

All that is left now is to pray and leave it all to ALLAH s.w.t - it's all in HIS Hands now.

He has done all that he can.


Yup, it's true - I do have everything that I had previously thought I could never possess.

What more am I asking for?

Sometimes, you need a slap on the face to make you realise how blessed your life is.

Well, that was what I got yesterday - but it was a loving slap. Heh..

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