Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 17


I don't feel fat anymore!

I just feel...round! Hehe...

No, I don't mind it - not at all.

I am glad to be at a stage where I am already showing and so people won't think that I'm fat!

I hated that in-between stage. Argh!

Now that I am finally out of it (and my mornings sickness is gone! Yay! Alhamdullillah), I am a happy bunny.

But the most exciting part of this stage is that I can feel BamBim kick!

The other day BamBim did a pretty big movement while MyBudakTapai had his hand on my tummy but he could not feel anything!

Poor ayah!

Never mind B, you will soon be able to feel and see BamBim's movement very soon.

Insya ALLAH.

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