Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unplanned Excitement

The best thing happen when you have no expectations.

The whole thing was pretty last minute but I feel that we had a much better time than if we were to go out and had the BitchFest.

Oily floor?

It's alright. It was well-worth it.

Great company, delicious food (Yum! Yum! Well done, Noris.), and fantastic effort to my darling husband.

If without him, I can guarantee you that our house will not be looking half as clean as it did that day.


I am blessed to have a neatfreak of a husband. Hehe..


MaBitches, I hope you guys enjoyed coming over to our humble abode.

Zam, Raf, Syidah, don't worry about gaining weight. You have burned more than enough calories canoeing and laughing at the same time.


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