Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holy Matrimony

It was not like any other Saturday - well for SiBudakTapai and I, at least.

While some ladies were having a laugh with their girlfriends, I was teary-eyed.

But it was tears of joy, really.

Plus I was as happy as ermm...a (blushing?) bride! Heh..

The day that SiBudakTapai and I had been planning for for the last 1 and a half years has arrived.

At exactly 5.30pm on that Saturday evening , the responsibility of taking care of me that was previously resting on my dear father's shoulders was passed onto the broad shoulders of MyBudakTapai - well, now that he is mine and I am his. Yeah, yeah, lovey dovey. Tak boleh angzz.


The most crucial part of the wedding is over.

I am so proud of MyBudakTapai for having to do the akad nikah only once - Well done, sweetheart.

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I couldn't be happier.

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