Sunday, September 13, 2009


We should always keep trying, no matter what.

Eventhough the chance of winning may be slim, you will have no regrets - that is, if you try.

So I tried my luck and I made the right choice indeed!

I won a pair of tickets to Zee Avi's showcase!

Gerek kan?!?!

I was super-duper excited because it has been ages since I went to a musical function (?).

Anyhow, the showcase was held here..

From Discover My space...
We had no idea it was outdoors.

..which was located here..

From Discover My space...
Just in case, you guys too don't know the exact location of us.

There were thousands (Exaggeration, of course) of people ahead of us.

From Discover My space...
Luckily, it was breezy.

All that just so we can see..

From Discover My space...
Zee Avi - in the flesh!

But it was well worth it.

Though we had to stand the whole time but I enjoyed it - especially when she sang my favourite track.


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