Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He said what?!?

Compared to the previous days, today had to be the day when my students were at the best of their behaviour.

Maybe I was just excited after receiving a birthday gift from a girl. (Sweetness. Children are like sponges, I tell you. Be careful what you say in front of them.)

Besides that, my partner and I received some positive comments as well so that made the day even better.

As I sat down during lunchtime, I recalled a comment a friend's husband made about preschool teachers (like moiself.)

Apparently, we are useless and he did not see the point of sending his child to a kindergarten and hence, early childhood educators are considered redundant.

To think that he was 5 years older than me but possess such a shallow mind makes me just want to hit him right there and then.

If he was my first date, he can simply forget about a second meeting.

If he was my boyfriend, I would say, "Boleh jalan sua, sayang."

If he was the last man on Earth, I would rather be single.

Every job plays a great role in the development of a nation - even a road-sweeper.

Imagine how filthy the roads would be if not for the men and women who sweeps not just the small premise (like their house) but the entire void deck and many other areas.

Such a shallow perspective from a 30 year old.

And to think Mak wanted me to find someone who is at least 5 years older than me because a man who is that much older would be more mature and stable.

Yeah right!

Age is just a number and in no way determines one's maturity, financial independence etc.

I am very thankful with SiBudakTapai.

Syukur alhamdullillah.

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