Thursday, March 12, 2009

Someone I wouldn't want to be.

As a sport, soccer don't turn me on (not as much as the players, at least. Heh)

So I would know next to nothing about it.

So as I was having breakfast this morning, I was completely tuned out because Abang and Bapa has some football match on the television.

But what caught my attention was that the match was on the 5th penalty shoot-out.

The matches that I was used to (which are not many) had only 4 shoot-out max.

So I was quite curious to see how many shoot-outs was needed to end the game.

Each time a player scored a goal, the team let out a sigh of relief.  

Unconsciously, I was holding my breath too.

Arsenal took their 7th shoot-out and they scored.

Then AS Roma had a chance.

All I can say is I do not want to be Max Tonetto after that fateful match.

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Poor guy.

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