Friday, January 30, 2009

Up, up and away

Months after SiBudakTapai received the tickets, we finally decided to go on board the Singapore Flyer.

We couldn't have chosen a better time.

Unlike the first time we came, yesterday the place was peaceful with just the right number of people around.

The fact that my Gong Xi Fa Cai break is a week long and his off day falls on a weekday obviously plays a huge role.


I'm very anti-social now. I can't stand to be places that are super-crowded with people. It suffocates me.

Anyhow, we shared the capsule with a middle-aged Chinese couple who was super-friendly.

Both couples ended up helping to snap each others' pictures.

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Just as we board the plane capsule

Imagine if we go during a school holiday. Madness, I tell you.

The weather was bee-A-U-tiful, just the right number of people to share oxygen with (Yes, oxygen is very important for people like me who are terrified of heights. We tend to breathe faster and deeper as we go higher.) and I was with that one person who calmed me down just as I was starting to hyperventilate (Yes, I'm such a penakut. Shut up, already. Hehe).

I was careful not to get too near the door.

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Senyuman SiPenakut

It's not everyday that this happens.

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But yesterday, he was as tall as that building - whatever it was.

Below is the view when you are at the "top of the world".

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At 165m above sea level, these vehicles look like toy cars.

After touching down, we I had to snap one last picture.

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Dah tak takut lagi - for now at least

SiBudakTapai was so excited about the miniature version, he wanted to grab it.

Releks ah, babe.
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Ha! You're not so big now, are you?!

After that, it was off to brag about our Singapore Flyer experience to DaBitches - of course not before filling our empty tummies with McDonald's.

Sorry eh lambat. Hehe

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