Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tummy tuck

Babydoll dresses are in style.

Pregnant or not, women of all marital status love the comfort and freedom of wearing a babydoll dress - especially yours truly.

Earlier today, I went for my Professional Development (As much as I love being around children, a little break from them is much, much appreciated. Thank you.) wearing my simple but comfortable brown, spaghetti-strapped babydoll dress to school.

Though simple, my favourite babydoll dress possess the power to encourage others to be kind.

My babydoll dress is so powerful that a lady, an extremely kind individual, offered ME a seat -while SiBudakTapai and I were on board the effing crowded Bus No. 105!!

I was not sure whether to laugh or give her a tight slap.

Anyhow, SiBudakTapai was right.

At least, she was sensitive and observant. She should be given credit for that.

So I decided to just laugh it off.

Oh well.

Lesson learn - If you would like to sit in a crowded train or bus ride, wear a babydoll dress AND most importantly, have a tummy.

Good day, jolly people!

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