Saturday, June 21, 2008


Tommy Mottola was TWICE her age.

And Nick Cannon is (more or less) HALF her age.

No prize guessing who I am referring to.

Why can't Mariah Carey ever marry someone her OWN age?

Jodoh dan pertemuan di tangan Tuhan.

But I just find it rather amusing. I don't know why.

Maybe because most Hollywood celebs live in this world of fantasy.

They way they live their lives are like the fairytales that was read to me during my childhood.

The way they treat marriages, their perception of love and the way they spend their money is rather amusing.

At times, I feel sympathy for them.

But judging from gossip about how unhappy Mariah was in her first marriage,I guess she deserved the true love that she has right now.

All the very best for Mariah and Nick.

I just hope that the tattoo is removable.

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