Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do it for You, Not Anyone Else

There is no shortcut to success.

Success in every form - career, personal life or even weight loss.

I heard another story about how diet pills have ruined a person's life instead of otherwise.

Wasn't Andrea De Cruz the perfect example?

She almost died consuming diet pills!

But truth be told, I did resort to jamu to lose weight a few years back.

Yeah, I did lose weight but I was too paranoid to continue with the program.

My rationale was - if you could lose weight by adopting a good exercise program and make small changes to your diet, why spend thousands of dollars on diet pills?

That was what I did and I ended up shedding off the pounds - and is still alive and well to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Syukur alhamdullillah.

True, I took almost a year to lose 12 kilograms but it was well worth it.

The money meant to purchase top grade diet pills was used for shopping - as a form of reward for my hardwork!

Isn't that MUCH better?

Suppressing my appetite has NEVER worked - for me.

It always backfired and I ended up eating more.

I think the best way to lose weight is to first, adopt the most appropriate exercise program that suits your stamina and second, subtly change your eating habits.

Changing your eating habits does not equate to skipping meals.

It simply means adding more vegetables and fruits, consuming less sweets, junk food and carbohydrates, drinking loads of water etc.

That is changing your eating habits POSITIVELY!

And yeah, one last thing that I personally feel anyone who wishes to lose weight should do - THROW AWAY THE SCALE!

That will prevent you from constant usage and berating yourself when you see no change.

An exercise regime most suitable to your health, subtle changes to your eating habits, discard the weighing scale - are the key components to losing weight.

Slowly BUT surely...

Trust me on this.

Been there, done that - all of that.

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