Sunday, December 9, 2007


Even with the frequent heavy rains during this monsoon season, the local weather can get very hot and humid.

It can be (almost) freezing in the morning but blazing hot in the afternoon.

But some people take the cold weather as an excuse NOT to shower in the morning!

And boy, do they stink!

Hygiene aside, taking showers in the morning (if you're living in Singapore, at least) can be seen as a sign of consideration.

Bear a thought to the other train commuters who had to endure your stench when they stand next to you - every morning!

Already it is impossible to find a spot to rest my cute bum during the half-hour ride, I had to endure the stinking body odour of that tapai next to me!?!

ARGH! Gimme a break!

Shower for goodness sake! Shower!

It's not like it will ever snow in Singapore so don't expect for the temperature to go anywhere near freezing point.


Don't you guys feel stinky?

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