Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Silly me!

If you do not want people to read your blog, then change the settings!

My action was entry-worthy because of the history behind those involved.

Anyhow, I am not proud of my action but I definitely do NOT regret it.

And the power of words, woah! Just how powerful words are! It amazes me.

But I am NOT allowing her words to ruin my day (or my life, for that matter).

At this point, I dare to say that I can still accept the accusation about me with a pinch of salt.

But truth be told, the reason for doing what I did has NOTHING at all to do with my self-confidence (in myself or in my relationship).


But just think about this, Missy. If you haven't done anything that might enrage me, (I don't know. Maybe something like sending him text messages to meet up because you were so depressed that you need someone to talk to, emails reminiscing the past, etc etc etc) I would NOT have resorted to doing it.

Sometimes, we have to first reflect on our actions before we start calling others names.

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