Saturday, June 30, 2007

Simple Things in Life are FREE

What with the crazy price hikes everywhere, especially movie tickets, we found an alternative.

Grab any opportunity that entitles you to any FREE movie - and yes, the keyword is FREE.

So what would two inidivduals who are the typical Singaporeans do when they saw the "F" word?

They packed a whole bag (Well, ermmmm, he carried the bag - she just held his hand..) of tidbits (and yes, the heavy bag full of junk food. Her poor BabyLuv.), boarded Bus No.105 and headed down to Botanical Gardens to witness the finale of movie screeening in conjunction with the National Family Week of 2007.

Phew! That was a mouthful.

The two individuals as well as thousands others gathered at Botanical Gardens to watch Happy Feet.

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Yes, they endured the heat just to watch a bunch of penguins danced (and sang) like humans - oh, and yes, for the FREE picnic mat too, of course.

He was worried she would not enjoy it because it was too simple.

Does she look like she's not enjoying herself?

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I don't think so!

I like it simple, remember? *wink*

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