Friday, May 25, 2007

Motherly Counselling

All it takes is a scolding from someone who knows you darn well.

Someone who carried you in her womb for nine whole months.

Someone who went through intense labour pains just to deliver you to the world.

Someone who breastfed you till you were 3 years old.

Someone who teaches you about life.

Someone who is constantly giving you advice about everything under the sun.

Someone who nags everyday for you to clean up your tornado-hit room.

Someone whom you call Mak, Mum, Mother, Ibu, Umi, Mama.

I call her Mak or sometimes, Mum.

Yes, her advice hurts.

It scares me even.

But she is right. (Always is. *rolls eyes*)

I love you, Mama and thank you for the advice.

I know it is all said out of love.

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