Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bye Singlesville,Hello LoveVillage. Alhamdullillah

Amy Winehouse - There is No Greater Love
Song Lyrics

I am finally reaping the joy of having faith in HIM.


Some people choose to close their broken hearts as they are afraid of getting hurt again.

But I was not about to deprive myself of the joy of being with someone precious just because I was hurt before.

Now after all the heartbreaks and the long wait, he is finally here.

He did not come riding on a horse, sweeping me off my feet.

He did not work his way through my heart with truckloads of jewellery.

He did not try to be my saviour from my wasted life.

But instead he came to me as himself and I allowed him into my heart because he did not try to be someone he was not.

ALLAH s.w.t answered my prayers and he accepted my everything - my strengths and my weaknesses.

Dear MyBabyLuv,

I don't know about you but everything that is happening can be quite overwhelming at times. My thoughts are constantly so flooded of you that I get so dizzy I have to sit down. My heart is filled with such intense love for you that it suffocates me and I could hardly breathe.

I know that we are both afraid but I want to thank you for taking the risk to be with me. Daring to undergo a new chapter in our lives - together with me.

Being the worrywart that I am, I cannot stop getting paranoid about what the future holds for us. But baby, let's just enjoy the times we are and will have together. Let's enjoy being with each other and don't ever, ever stop praying and having faith in HIM.

I have so many things that I want to say to you but I just cannot really find the words to say it (Yes, yes I know it's cheesy). I hope you can feel what I have to say in my touch because certain things are just not explainable with words. You will have to see (and in this case, feel it) it to believe it (Sounds familiar, babe? hehehe).

I pray each night that ALLAH s.w.t will give us the strength, determination and patience to get through anything in life. May each challenge strengthens what we are attempting to build - together. Insya ALLAH.

The song that I have chosen may be short but it explains everything. It says the words that I can't say. Please listen to the lyrics very carefully for I believe that it is the closest to finding the perfect song to express how I feel for you right now.

As the saying goes, it all started as friends and happiness comes to those who wait.


Anonymous said...

am happy for you my dear (:
sebagai manusia kita hanya mampu merancang, allah yg menentukannya.

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to Anon - Thank u - whoever u are. tt is so rite...everything is in HIS hands d;)