Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Respect those who bring U business

Imagine this.

You are happily having lunch with a good friend somewhere around town. Having lunch with a mengumpatpartner made the plate of beef friend noodles and sotong char kuey tasted a million times better.

However, all that changed. All that changed when two mutual friends of the shopowner showed up with one holding a baby in her hand while the other held on to the pram.

Seeing that your friend and you had only drinks to finish and the place was crowded, shopowner decided to hand you the receipt - even without your asking for it. And then shopowner cleaned your table (eventhough it wasn't that dirty) and took away the clean spoons and forks from your table and then (okay, here comes the best part. drum roll, please.) said "Bye!" and smiled like she had done nothing wrong! Okay, if that is not farking rude and insensitive, I don't know what is.

It's not like we ate our meals without paying. We paid for it, dammit!

Customer service, auntie. It's called freaking customer service, dammit! Argh!

Give it your best shot, orang-utan! Yeah, that's it!

This one's for those rude-as-hell stinky-smelly aunties.

From today onwards, I vowed to boycott that particular food outlet located somewhere in town. It was so very dissappointing to see such biased behaviour.

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