Saturday, September 9, 2006

Putting the Pieces Together

All I needed was : Fairness and honesty.

Fair that YOU know the limits of a platonic friendship, since that was all that YOU wanted in the first place. That includes understanding that doing the things YOU did was not being fair because they led me on and saying what YOU said was simply the number one mistake to bring a platonic friendship. to the next level when that was not what YOU wanted.

Honest that you have someone in mind. If YOUR good friend decides to introduce his cousin to YOU, just tell it as it is. Be honest. That was all I asked for. Nothing much. Just as how YOU wanted YOUR ex-girlfriend to be honest with YOU, do the same to me. Be honest.

I now see the bigger picture.

You got YOUR heart broken, I came to the rescue then along came YOUR good friend's cousin.

Aaaaaahhhhhhh.......So that was what happened. Correct me if I am wrong (but I do not think I am).

Nope, I am not checking up on YOU. The news just fell on me. Honest.

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