Saturday, August 19, 2006

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The war in the Middle East between the Jews and Muslims is never ending. Millions of innocent lives are lost with each passing day.

As an outsider hearing about the news, it pains me to see the numbers of dead bodies increasing. Maybe some close-minded individuals might choose to be enemies of the people from the opposing religion. But I beg to differ.

Working in an international school has taught me many things and one of them is to be open-minded about the diversity around us.

Despite being a staff of my school for only less than a year, I have come across many children from all walks of life and from varying nationalities. The children are very generous with their sincere hugs and warm love. I feel appreciated. When I walk down the corridor, I would be greeted with at least a beautiful smile from those innocent faces.

There is one particular girl who is very beautiful and very sweet. I came to relief her class for only 2 times last school year because her assistant teacher was on leave. Nonetheless, she could still remember me. Everytime she sees me, she never fails to give me a hug and chat with me for a while. It was always a delight to see her.

That girl is now in Grade 1. Eventhough she is no longer a kindergartener, she actually ran up to me and gave me the hugest hug last week after not seeing each other for almost 2 months (due to the summer vacation)! Teacher and ex-student chatted for a bit before she had to board the school bus home.

It's simply remarkablae, I feel. One thing is because I was never her class teacher. As I mentioned, I came to relief her class for only 2 times and she could still remember me. The second amazing thing is that...she's from Israel.

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