Saturday, August 26, 2006

Question of Love

What causes fickle-mindedness when it comes to love?

Is it the eyes, which keeps on looking at others other than one's partner whom one would tend to regard as a much better companion? Maybe because the other person the eye sees is much better-looking, richer, taller, slimmer, more intelligent etc?

Could it be desire, because human beings tend to desire something that are almost way beyond reach? Women desire to be swept off their feet by Prince Charming. Men desire to be able to mesmerize a princess from heaven.

Maybe it's infidelity. The tendency to stray despite being granted with the best that life has to offer - that's my definition of infidelity.

Or is it complacency? When one thinks he/she is better off being with another because someone of his/her standards deserves more than the current partner?

What is it?

What can cause a person to stop loving or caring for another whom he/she cared for so very much just a minute before?

What is the cause of it?

What is it?

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