Thursday, August 31, 2006

Despite it all,it's still a great day

Today would be an excellent day if not for the fact that....

.....I did not listen to Mum when she reminded me to have an umbrella in my bag ALL THE TIME,

.....I was caught in the rain,

.....I was soaking wet when I reached school,

.....I could not change into dry clothes because I did not bring an exchange of clothes, "mushroom" sandals felt so uncomfortable because they were wet as well.

But today IS an excellent day because a girl who is now in Grade One remembered my name. A girl whose class I relieved only once remembered my name. A girl whom I have not seeen for the longest time remembered my name.

However, I feel terrible because I cannot remember hers. Tried as I might, I just could not.

Miss Liza is very sorry, sweetheart.

But she made me feel important, nonetheless.



faizah said...

hepi chicher day!!!! byk dpt prezen????

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