Monday, June 5, 2006

Time is of the essence

Parents went out to their little getaway in Johore Bahru this morning.

Mama invited me along but I decide to just stay home.

"What will you be doing all alone at home? Isn't it boring?"

I smiled and said, "Nothing."

Mama knew that was about all of the answer I was willing to give her.

I needed time alone. I just needed some ME time.

I am constantly surrounded by people, be it in school or at home. However, I am surrounded by people I love. No, I am NOT complaining. I love them to death but at times, I do need to be by myself. I need to think.

I need the time to be free - on my own. The time which will allow me to do things without having someone knocking at my bedroom door just to get something that they left behind a second ago. The time to reflect on whatever that has happened in the previous days without having someone to tug at my pants just so that I can accompany them to the washroom. I needed the time to cry my heart out without anyone questioning about my swollen eyes. I needed the time to enjoy the company of being with just me and me alone. I needed the time to enjoy my room. The comforts of my own room.

I just needed time.

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