Friday, June 16, 2006

No LAUGHing matter

I was online and experiencing writer's block yesterday night. So when I was chatting on MSN (One of the wonders of the WWW), Kidrah suggested that I blog about...why people laugh. Initially, I thought it was a rather dumb idea (Sorry, girl). It is such a simple question but quite mind-boggling if you sit down and really try to find the answer to the question.

I decided to ask myself that question. The first answer that comes to mind would be: to release tension. Whoever created the saying, laughter is the best medicine, is a genius and a real happy one at that. I absolutely agree with that saying.

Laughter is the exact antidote for my down moments. I feel extremely better after a good chill-out-laugh-till-menonggeng laughing session with the girls (or guys). It's not running away from my problems. But sometimes, you need to step away from the tension and forget about it for a while. Most of the time, I became more focused after the chill-out. Personally, laughing does the trick for me.

Frankly, above was the only answer I can think of. So how else can I get the answer? from the world wide web, of course. I decided to post the exact question on and I got a whole lot of results.

I decided to click on the very first result, which happened to be an excellent choice because the article answers my question down to the core.

So there you go. Problem solved. The world is good again. Hehe.


Faizah said...


ok there..aku dah laff..niweis, i can't wait to have gooooooood laughing sessions ngan kau like we had kat starbux that nite, remember that cute dude?? kekekeke..

oh well, biasa lah aku kena dtg keje for lesson plans and all...fed up!!!!

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to faizah - tt cute dude? hell yeah, i remember...who can forget...hehehehehe...

si -lack-of-hair tu memang ader2 always...