Saturday, June 24, 2006

HeartBreak Hotel

It's definitely the break-up season. I am certain of that.

Everybody is breaking up. She is breaking up. So is he. And then she is breaking up as well as she and he and she and she and he. Gosh! Too much heartache is going around. I think, like fever, heartache is contagious.

I wish I could take the pain away from these people. They may or may not be people who are dear to me but I still wish I could take the pain away with the wave of a magic wand (Which seems to be missing at this moment). But wait a minute.....No, no, no. What was I thinking. Shesh! No magic wand is needed. In fact, nothing else is needed to take the pain away. No magic potions, no magic wand, no magic at all. All you need is YOURSELF. All you need is to make a choice. Choose wisely, my dears.

Personally, I believe that we all have choices in any situations. How we feel afterwards solely depends on the choices we make NOW. The early stages of a break-up are definitely the hardest. You are getting used to not being with that one person whom you are very used to. But healing takes time. There's where you will be at a crossroad - where you will need to make a choice to stay heartbroken or making the effort to heal your heart and ultimately, yourself.

Even after one makes the choice to heal oneself, that does NOT guarantee that one will feel better overnight. Come on, be realistic. It does not just go away with the blink of an eye. It takes time. With determination, belief and a strong faith, you will be healed. I strongly believe that ultimately, ALLAH s.w.t will allow you to meet your soulmate who is meant for you and who will definitely be better than the previous person.

Everything happens for a reason. We may not know the real reason initially solely because we are not able to think straight - our minds are clogged with the pain and sorrow of the heartbreak. But with constant prayers and trust in faith, we will eventually be able to. Insya ALLAH.

So my dear friends, do not despair. I know that the pain can be so unbearable, it seems to suffocate you at time. But it will go away and believe that ALLAH s.w.t will not burden us with things we cannot carry. Have faith, my dearies.

As for me, well....I am healing. The pain lingers but I have made my choice and I will stick to it. I am making effort to live my life and be all that I am. I am even putting myself up for blind dates. Oh gosh! I cannot believe I just typed that on the world wide web. Heh. But hey, that's okay, right? I am single and am on a spree to meet new people. Hehehehe...I think the new number by Stacie Orrico basically sums it all up. YOU are always on my mind but hey.....just listen to this song by Stacie Orrico? I don't think there will be any need for words then. d;D

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