Saturday, April 8, 2006

First Day of Easter Break 2006

To kick off my Easter break, I decided to drag Mr. "Tour Guide" to Pulau Ubin. I have never been there before. I have been hearing a lot about this place but one thing's for sure is that people go there to cycle. Personally, if I had a choice, I would rather walk than cycle. But Mr. "Tour Guide" tried to persuade me that walking will not get us anywhere (But of course, no one can win when talking to a kepala batu like yours truly). That was of course true - I believed it only when we got there. Oh, before I start telling you about our teeny weeny Ubin adventure, let me tell you about the bumboat trip.

Frankly, I was rather sea sick but fortunately, it was a very short ride. But the view was magnificent. Kelongs were almost everywhere. The smell of the sea was so refreshing. The sun on my skin was very overwhelming. Mr. "Tour Guide" 's attempt to scare me about being mistaken for an illegal immigrant (because I did not bring my IC along) was not able to distract my upbeat self. Inside, I was as excited as a little child.

When we reached the island, I was very taken aback by the setting. Everything was so different. The people, the shops, everything.

Throughout our Ubin adventure, there was one significant event which I will remember for a long time. It was during the start of our cycling expedition. It has been quite a while since Mr. "Tour Guide" last went to Pulau Ubin. Hence, the slight misjudgement which lead to the both of us having to cross a medium-sized longkang (ie: drain). I panicked, of course! How can I not?!?! We were surrounded by lalangs and then we heard a rustle amongst the tall weeds. At that point of time, I wished I had wings and so I would fly into the sky and out of that horrifying, claustrophobic situation. It's not everyday that I have to cross longkangs. But fortunately, Mr. "Tour Guide" managed to get us both back to the civilisation. Mr. "Tour Guide, I am proud of you. You were very calm and collected. If you were as panicky as I was, we might never be able to get back to Singapore in one piece (and alive, I must add). How can you say that you are not fit? I don't think many people can actually carry a mountain bike and jump across a medium-sized longkang. You carried TWO mountain bikes and jumped TWICE across that same longkang. You ARE fit! You were fantastic!

So after an hour or so of cycling around Pulau Ubin, we decided to head down to East Coast. But not before, we stuff ourselves with lunch from Banquet at Simei. The dry yong tau foo was not as awesome as I expected but when you're hungry, you can't afford to be choosy, right? Mr. "Tour Guide" surprised me with his ability to take chopped chillies. Do you know how extremely spicy those little buggers are? He made me try one (two actually because they were really small) and it stirred up this great ball of fire in my mouth then down to my stomach.

After lunch, it was off to East Coast Park to enjoy the sea breeze. The beach was filled with surfer-wannabes, little children running from the baby waves, a father trying very hard to fly a kite for his daughter, couples snuggling up to each other, fishermen AND fisherwomen (Yes, who say only men can fish. Aunties also can fishing okay. Don't pray, pray ah!) and of course, Mother Nature at her best. The sea has this magical effect on me. It just relaxes me. I was dead tired but the breeze and splashing of the waves just eased my entire being.

I actually (really) wanted to catch the sunset (and capture it on my cellphone) but I could see that Mr. "Tour Guide" was very, very tired so we headed home when he pointed out that we might get caught in the rain (Riding in the rain is very, very dangerous, y'all. Safety first. *winks* ).

So that was how I kicked off the first day of my Easter Break.

My whole body is aching but the day was well-spent. Thank you, Mr. "Tour Guide". I appreciate that you put up with my karenah. If it was really up to me, the day could have gone much longer. But nah, I don't think you will have the same stamina as me. :P

Let's see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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