Thursday, October 6, 2005

Money squeezed.

You know how sometimes, you are just so broke that the balance cash you have in hand is squeezed to the very last dollar till your next pay. That is what I am going through now.

Lo and behold, yesterday a certain newly-married girlfriend of mine requested for a gathering. When I suggested to organise it sometime after 22nd of October (since that will be after my payday), the reply was, "Don't tell me you don't even have a bit of cash. It's not like we are going to spend a lot."

I don't know about you but I was offended and pretty mad. Here I am trying to scrimp and save my arse off and there you go saying that s**t.

So I told her off by saying that not everyone has the luxury of asking from their husbands if they are short of cash. We have to work for it. She defended herself by saying that her husband didn't earn that much anyways for her to have that luxury. Whatever!

Anyways, I am pissed about this. I know it's just a trivial matter but hey my feelings got hurt.
Whatever it is, I hope she will stop standardising everyone's life according to hers. No one person is the same and that goes to trials and tribulations that they go through daily in their lives. So please just basically THINK before saying.

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