Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Episode 2 - You and only you alone can come into the house.

Brother's dearest sister was not let into the house. Reason being her son does not like her coming into the house because she was rude to say things that the old hag deserves. All sister could do was watch and pray from the gate of the house. Watch her brother being provoked by two she-devils using the tiny infant as a bait. Praying that ALLAH gives him the patience and make him the champion that he is. Praying so hard that her brother would stay calm and that Allah to be by his side, reassuring him that all will be okay as tears of sadness rolled down the cheeks of this man. Those tears were not because the woman who was supposed to attend to his needs after his mother has passed on the responsibility to her decided to just walk out of the house and go off to her mother's place. (despite the fact that there was no form of physical abuse, drug abuse or any reasonable excuse for her to shirk her responsibilities on her husband.) But tears of sadness because the infant he waited for for six years has to undergo such madness. May Allah protect her and be by her side always so as to give her the comfort and reassurance she needs at times like this.

Thank Allah this episode ended peacefully when the old hag finally stopped stalling and opened the darn gate. Subahanallah.


Anonymous said...
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Mahdrina said...


pergi jangan tak pergi. unfortunately, teck ghee is too far for me. hey!!! that rhymes!!! muahahahahhaa...

gd saturday afternoon :)

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