Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Stay in Skul

today was alrite. i went to skul to revise and asked qns about DSD but none of my frien ds knew and the freakin lecturers were not in skul. i must remember to email them later.

anyways, LEN was kinda irritating today. when LAZIR came. both he and LES automatically looked at me and LES said "He's here." while LEN said "Do u 1 me 2 help u?" i mean what was that all about. irritating , rite? its all DAMN, man. i told u guys about it, i expected you 2 be discreet about it. but u are like always giving me looks whenever hes around.shitos siak!piss me off big time.

another thing, ZTAY asked me if i told LEN they all about her engagament...i didnt what...rite??nah, i dun tink so

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